"My power isn't to influence.
My power is to not be influenced."

  • helping companies to 7-Fig$ online
  • ambassador - @summit
  • writing #mentormagnet
  • cofounder - @newpathfarm
  • cofounder - FF Research


Complain Less. Do More. Get Noticed. Become in Demand. Change an Industry. Build a Legacy.


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platforms & PROJECTS

Futureheart Media


- Getting You Clients Online Now & Long-term

- Protecting & Growing your Brand's Reputation Online

- Designing & Launching your Digital Sales Strategy

- Designing & Launching Digital Product

- Lowering your Expenses with Automation

- Content Writing & Editing your Content

Mentor Magnet


- Giving You a Step-by-Step Proven System to Fast-tracking to Mentorship

- Helping You Get the Opportunities You Actually Deserve

- Helping You Become a Valued 

Multi-dimensional Apprentice 

- Helping You Avoid the Mistakes that Drive Mentors Away

- Putting You on a Path to a Life You Truly Want 

- Helping You Gain the Insights that Mentor Care Most About

New Path Farm


- "Having quality food brings quality people to the table."

- Giving the Land a Voice, Values, & a Set to Integral Principles

- Growing Trees, Seeds, Plants & Fruits

- Studying Economic Systems & Biological Symbiosis

- Grateful for the fact that we have our own water fresh source

- Grateful to be minutes from an incredible surf break

Futureheart Fullerene Research


- Collaborating with International Teams of Bio Chem Researchers

- Facilitating Liaisons to IP process, claims and patents

-  Saving patent applications that have to potential to change the course of human & mammal cellular longevity

Get Your Way In Life - Coaching


Disclaimer: this program is for those willing to commit to a world of pain and discomfort. 

In this program, I am your coach, not your friend. I will be constantly and methodically pushing you to your edge. 

To become the person you see in your mind's eye, you MUST first dissolve your current beliefs of who you are today. They are what holds you back. There is no other way.

If you're ready to embark on the process to GETTING YOUR WAY IN LIFE, schedule a call (click here). I will be evaluating if I think you're ready to take the leap. Less than 20% of individuals are.

Partners & Alliances


Disciplined Thought, People, & Action.


Hi. I'm Alexx Sloan. I believe in doing many things with your life. It's by becoming excellent at a few things that you become completely yourself and totally unique. So I mix and blend my curiosities together to build my wealth. I focus on opportunities that leverage and scale. This is why I'm building and/or operating: 

Futureheart Media, Mentor Magnet, New Path Farm, FF Research, and G Coaching, 

as well collaborating with wonderful organizations such as: 

Summit, XPrize Carbon, Barefoot Surf, & Baby BathWater Institute.



I believe we can only achieve desired results the same way we build muscle and gardens; by doing "that thing" poorly at first, asking for help and right questions to qualified people, applying action with the best information we uncover. Then by patiently appreciating the process, we cultivate the habits to our own mastery to valuable skills, services and products the world craves. 


It's only through challenges, failures, a healthy mindset, a forgiving heart-set, and guidance of incredible mentors.. that I've come to cultivate the emotional stamina necessary for addressing and tackling difficult and exciting challenges our world and our societies face.


I believe we must, as individuals, build the internal calibration mechanism that helps us compare and evaluate the difference between our results and our principles. We must do so in order to avoid the descent into narrow-minded ideologies that may sound remarkable in theory, but can lead to a zero sum game.


I help health, wellness, and ethical product companies strategise, execute sales systems on the web.

I work closely with founders and upper management operating companies grossing less than $1 million in annual revenue, seeking to scale their online operations to $7 million and beyond. Consider me as a virtual COO with a peculiar set of skills for setting up proven online systems and processes. With fresh, laser-focused eyes, I can help you assess and design an effective leverage tools and lay out actionable steps to achieve your companies goals such as increasing sales, reducing costs, creating consistent  'cash flow'​. Thus, never having to worry about what your competitors are doing ever again.