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The words "surf" and "yoga" have become quite trendy in the passed few years. So much so that retreat companies and yoga teachers are capitalising on their popularity. In a way we're guilty of this as well. But we have an edge, an different angle; a niche in the market... You see BFST was founded by two of my best friends, roughly 7 years ago in their early twenties. The mission was to offer guests the best possible surf travel experience by creating the most authentic and value packed trip they could offer. This meant hiring the local national surf team as surf coaches, creating "how-to" presentations & theory classes, as well as photo & video analysis. 

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Fast forward to early 2016... now in their late twenties, Alex and Gab came a deeper understanding of care for the body, mind, and spirit. They understood the value yoga could bring into their surfing, their lives, and the lives of their guests. Having no prior experience, they came to me. It was an honour and pleasure to sign on with BFST as the Director of Wellness, in order to design and create surf and yoga travel experiences that bring even more value to our guests. It's always been about helping you surf at your best, and it will always be about helping you surf at your best...

If you are wanting to learn how to surf, from the most authentic and inspiring team, and support that journey with yoga and mediation specifically designed for surfers; with a focus on high nutrition, and intention to detail and design, trust me; Barefoot Surf and Yoga is definitely for you! Click here to check it out. 


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