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a Manifesto by Alexx Sloan


"I have a clear vision of what I want to build in this World. I imagine a World where the vast majority of young women and young men from around the globe inherently value most; the art of Humility, the laws of Interdependency, and most of all, the gift of Intuition.

Everything I do and learn is to help build that World."

All my life's failures, mis-haps, perseverance, perspectives and connections; have all led me to feel this calling to live with no fucks given towards the old systems and paradigms... to become the true definition of Citizen . Having been blessed with the gift of health, intelligence, first-world education, a first-world passport, and an understanding that societies and cultures are created by individuals and communities no smarter than you and me... and I believe there has never been a time for more possibility and growth for us all, than in this very moment.
We are shifting from the Age of Information, to the Age of Knowledge... of Enlightenment. With the exponential rapid growth of technology, deeper studies of our worlds and true history(from cosmic and nano), sophisticated tools and communication systems, as well as our deeper understanding that we are indeed soul-beings having human experiences, it is now up to us... to shape the World we want to re-create, or accept the consequence of inaction.

There is an old indian proverb that paraphrases: "We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children." How will personally be remembered? What will I leave behind?

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This new generation of humans is thirstier than ever for a connection to self, to each other, and to it's creator. I believe that it is my life's purpose, by constantly evolving; to assist those whom are also ready to seek the meaning of these connectors to self and others, and universe; no matter how uncomfortable or frightening that may be.

The most relevant questions to me are...

Where lies the balance between action and reflection, for an extraordinary life abundant with health, wealth, love, and happiness? Where rests it's consequential counterpart of responsibility, empathy, interdependency, and paying it forward?" The answer lies in the art of Humility and the gift of Intuition. When you begin to tap into your best-self, your truest self, your higher self... you have no competition. You are, in fact, unapologetically giving the universe the biggest possible gift; self-expression."

 In the words of the author and speaker Simon Sinek: "Leadership requires two things: a vision of the world that does not yet exist and the ability to communicate it."

- Alexx Sloan


Who Do You Think You Are? 

Although this question may seem offensive at first, it is one of the most simple and yet most complicated and meaningful questions we can ask ourselves. It is this very question that me into exploring the depths of human psychology, mindsets, mentorship, meditation, hypnosis and non-ordinary states of consciousness (NOSC).

When it comes to my style of coaching, I can some it up into three words: ownership, awareness, & intuition.



After breaking free of the mental shackles of feeling like a failure and a black sheep, Alexx took full ownership of his of his individuality and began digging out a path that felt right to him. Extracting the most impactful and profound lessons thus far, he's bundled them into a program that enables for to see through all of society's non-sense, and to accept that you and only you know what's best for you and the life you wish.

This service is for the individual who feels stuck. Whether it be working in a boring 9-to-5 job, or feeling trapped in any environment that keeps your from being self-expressive, creative, or feeling fulfilled in your day to day. 

Through twelve 90-minute calls, over 12 weeks, together we tackle some of the biggest hurdles and obstacles, enabling you to see your world and situation in a fresh new way; allowing you to reconnect with your intuition, your personal compass, moving beyond old paradigms and conditions; catapult your life to a level that may have seemed impossible in the past. Sounds too good to be true? I call Bullshit. You created the cage. now it's time you dismantle it.

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From an incredibly impactful "a-ha" moment, after a private conversation with Haben Girma, the first deafblind graduate of Harvard Law School; a conversation that took place in the midst of an invite-only 3000+ attendee event on a cruise ship, in international waters dubbed Summit at Sea 2016, sparked a newly rooted call to action. This conversation, in combination with the memories of being surrounded by so many incredibly talented women, whom have been paralysed in their self-sabotaging fear; disabling them from achieving their own personal greatest and severing avenues of self-expression, is the reason RoseTheBar was created.

This 6 week intensive programs of 2hour 1-on-1 private call or in-person + transform exercise coaching service is specifically for incredible and powerful women that  feel a deep calling to take action in their life now, yet can't seem to breakthrough beyond the fear of the unknown.  We achieve this by diving deep; dissolving past conditionings through vulnerability and intuition, creating the space for their voice and message to clearly reach their audience; enabling them become a pure source of inspiration in their community and industry. 

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Creating and building traction for many projects, companies, communities, simultaneously, is not only a science, it's an art. One very important aspect is to find talented individuals, inspire them with the mission; then have their back as you set them free to help you fulfil that mission. More important that supporting them fully, you need to be certain they feel that support and that they know it's ok to fail everyday, because failure is absolutely necessary in order to achieve lasting growth.

I am so grateful for my teams, my life, my struggles... It's the reason I am who I am today. It's important to work hard, but more important is to work intelligently. Never ever be afraid to fail. Instead, be afraid to chose a path where you never truly live.

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Below, you will find the Products, Projects, and Services in which I now give my undivided attention. Please click, explore, and more importantly, contact me if you feel any of them resonate in any way. I'll leave you with a quote from my hero, T.R...

“Never throughout history, has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering.” 
― Theodore Roosevelt



A 3-part active breath training, which acts as superhighway to the creation of new authentic insights, the reconnection to intuition and links you to worlds beyond the rational. This guided experience is a direct line of contact with your personal bliss, often leading to euphoria and orgasmic delicacy.  

CosmicBreathXP™ is the most powerful tool in Alexx Sloan's toolkit for creating new insights;  a sureshot to profound transformation and deep connection to intuition and self-expression. Be absolutely prepared to experience a life altering occurrence, where we shed old limiting beliefs.


<Work for Meaning> Coaching

Launched Intuition.U in 2016, and RoseTheBar in 2017, we are excited to help amazing humans, ready to take monster leaps in becoming their Best Self, leaving their old fears and negative habits behind. 


LiveMoreMagazine + BareFoot Surf & Yoga Travel

Although Livemore and BareFoot are separate projects and companies, they are very much in sync. While we continue to refine and expand BareFoot Surf Travel, we are now preparing to launch LiveMoreMagazine; an online platform to get all your awesome surfing and yoga "how-to's", as well as mega valued content to help you feel inspired and continue on the a path that helps you Live More!

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Wellness, Mindfulness & Ceremonies

With access to private spaces, shamans, teachers, caterers, space designers, musicians... together we can create unforgettable high value experiences for our guests.


In 2015, we launched our new 25-acre farm project in Southern Nicaragua, with the help of our holding entity Humbl Pie Terra Firma. While we continue to replenish the earth through permaculture tactics, we've also begun the manufacturing of organic dried-leaf moringa. We are currently searching for a project manager to scale up our production and create a marketing angle for this amazingly nutritious and adaptagenous superfood.



Investments + Collaborations

We are currently investing in 100k -10m $ agricultural projects & vitaly products. 



What up. I'm Alexx Sloan. Thanks for reading this bio. Here's my humble reality...

I'm an educated, healthy, Canadian-born, early 30's male, who's figured out that most of the World is full of shit. I've been given some of the tools and created opportunities that most of the world's population only dream of. My most profound question becomes: Will I simply be grateful for these gifts, or will I use them to create more of the world I want to live in? 

I was born bilingual in Canada; raised in the forests, lakes and mountains of Quebec and British Columbia. I'm no stranger to the call of the wild and extreme situations.  Having pivoted from the study practices of psychology, mountain guiding, I now embracing a lifestyle of environmental impact, surfing, coaching, organic farming, and conscious living. 

I'm taking steps to have a greater impact on some of the world's current issues, such as agroforestry, regenerative communities, non-ordinary states of consciousness, and cultural evolution. I truly believe that the solutions to our problems lie within us, and that it's our responsibility to search for the answers. 


I now spend most of the year in Southern Nicaragua...

 ..developing my organic model farm and agricultural project investments

..teaching yoga to surfers with Barefoot Surf Travel

..coaching high-level young professionals how to see beyond mental barriers

Or in the US & Canada...

..working, consulting and/or collaborating with high-impact, highly motivated teams such as Summit Series , an organisation comprised of passionate doers and makers that host events and gathering in epic locations, for the World's new wave to thought leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, influencers, speakers, and professionals.


 - "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with" -  Jim Rohn


I'm the founder and president of Humbl Pie Terra Firma, a legal entity in Nicaragua that invests in land & development for natural organic farming practices (which includes the New Path Farms).

Like I mentioned earlier ,I'm  the Director of Wellness for BareFoot Surf Travel, a Canadian-based company striving to be best Surf Travel Company in the World.  I'm a writer and content creator for LivemoreMagazine (launching mid2017); an online media platform that shares content and tips on surfing, travel, and a more conscious and fulfilled lifestyle. 

 I've created space and energy to focus on my coaching platforms: Intuition.U & SheRoseTheBar. Their missions are to help awesome young adults realise that, only they have the power to level up their mindset in order to create fulfilment and greatness.

I believe in a future where we share the knowledge and common practices to feed our communities healthy nutritious food, for healthy mind, body, and soul... A future where we share our living and working environments with the people, plants and animal we love. 


         If you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would never have a negative thought again"  -  Peace Plilgrim