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Stop “Trying”

In 2018, self-improvement sells. With “How-To’s” available to all who have web access, I ask:

“Why are so many first-world residents deeply affected by depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, and lack of connection to others?"
“Why do many believe that racing towards self-improvement (trending as personal growth) will automatically lead to desires and to peace of mind?”

Most actions do very little for the deep understanding of one’s self.

Instead, is it possible that we must simply ask to “download” from the cloud-storage we know as consciousness, what already belongs to us? Is it possible the “data” (consciousness) is always, and will always be, at our disposal?

I believe that five eternal memories, are more important than all the others. I call them:

self-awareness, discipline, empathy, simplicity, and humility.



The People
I Stand With

I believe…

It’s important to be aware with whom we share our energy.

It’s equally important to remind ourselves that in the end, the love you make is equal to the love you take. (words made famous by John Lennon and Paul Mccartney)



Our Actions
Define Us


My time and attention is dedicated to these projects for 2018 to 2021. Any Questions?


C60: a life prolonger?

the magnetic fullerene

Fullerenes have the potential to radically enhance the quality and lifespan animals and humans. Due diligence and legal attention are now a top priority. I am currently working with the world’s leading scientist in the field, and currently solidifying powerful partnerships, with the first goal of embarking into preclinical trials. I am currently seeking funding.


Mental Stamina for Students


This project is in it’s early stage of development. I believe creativity and focus have been nearly destroyed by the education system. The goal is to create a natural & organic mental stamina enhancing supplement in order to help students achieve deeper relaxation, sharper focus, and better cognitive function; in the moments when it matters most.


Crypto Assets Education

the economic revolution

blocpearl is a crypto educational service, started in 2017. It exists for the purpose of helping lower & middle class families and individuals build long-term wealth, by safely acquiring, storing and securing cryptocurrencies.


Summit LA’18 Wellness Team

an honor to serve

The world's preeminent ideas festival, that will gather leaders across all disciplines. The festival will host a wide array of talks, performances, wellness classes, art installations, gourmet food, and experiences designed to foster relationships and inspire new perspectives. 


The Truth Doesn’t Care

data vs. emotions

Journalism has officially died. Fake news, opinion blogging, click-baiting, shock value, social platforms, and ignorant blaming are the new tactics & metrics for engagement.

To find the truth, you must become literate in data analysis & fact-checking. You must also shed predetermined opinions & biases, to accept data. Only the truth can set you free.


Moringa Seed Production

compounding growth

In 2015, Jesse and I created NewPath Farm, a tropical farm with a focus on abundance, holistic practices and regenerative reforestry; located on the southern pacific coast of Nicaragua. Our staple crops are Valencia Oranges & K1 Strain Moringa Seed.


Nature, Breath & the Cold

foundations & limits

Hypothetically, if there were two treasures I could wish to every human on Earth, they would be health & self-awareness; and not particularly in that order…

Connection to the natural world & to your breath return us to God (or creation). Cold hydrotherapy offers a door to another world of self-actualisation.



Speech-to-Text Algorithms

a near cresting wave

With the rapid advancement in machine learning and neural nets, I believe there is an opportunity to acquire skills to interact with new speech-to-text technologies.

My first goal is to cut my “thought-to-paper” time, by a factor of 5.



Words Aren’t Always Sweet

Nothing needs to be said. Yet sometimes, it sure fucking helps that someone does.

- A word of warning -

These posts are meant to stir you.. to pull on the threads of ignorance.. to see beyond what is seen.. to ignite fire anywhere it must.. and to anger those whom are easily triggered.

Only the truth can set you free.